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Electricity is essential to modern life and it powers the workplace, but it also presents life-threatening hazards.This program focuses on methods for safe work and injury prevention that include careful inspection of electrical components, removal of broken equipment from service including frayed cords, being sure to ground equipment using Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, avoiding power lines and stormy weather, and using PPE.Let Charlie teach your workers how to keep themselves safe when working around electricity, by recognizing electrical hazards and using measures to control them!


Price : US$325.00






Charlie Morecraft was burned alive in a fire at a refinery and that one accident continues to affect his life every day. That’s why there’s no one better to teach your workers the proper procedures for preventing fires and protecting themselves from harm.Charlie introduces workers to the building blocks of fire by using the “fire tetrahedron,” and describes preventive measures ranging from good housekeeping to electrical safety.This program also shows workers how to alert others and evacuate safely in case a fire does break out and how to select and use a portable fire extinguisher to put out a small fire before it spreads. 


Price : US$325.00






In this program, Charlie builds awareness of how to recognize and respond to common workplace injuries and medical conditions.The program demonstrates First Aid for cuts, burns, fractures and many other injuries, and shows how to recognize life-threatening conditions such as heart attack and stroke.A focus on Bloodborne Pathogens explains how to prevent serious diseases from infecting your work force, or spreading among workers.Awareness of proper methods for First Aid and disease prevention will keep everyone on the job healthier and safer.Let Charlie show you how it’s done!


Price : US$325.00






Chemicals and other materials present hazards that can threaten the safety, health and lives of workers and members of the public. So how do workers get the information they need to handle materials in ways that protect us all?This program shows workers how to use information found on warning labels and in Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to safely handle and store chemicals using PPE, and how to properly respond to any leaks, spills or other accidents that may occur.Charlie discusses the chemical hazards workers are likely to face, then follows with an explanation of the Hazard Communication, or HAZCOM process.


Price : US$325.00






When a worker loses hearing due to noise in the workplace, it is gone forever. That’s why it’s essential to take the right steps to prevent hearing loss.Charlie shows workers how to protect their hearing by reducing or muffling workplace noise, and selecting and using the proper protective equipment, such as ear plugs and ear muffs.Don’t let the people you work with end up hearing impaired when all they need to do is listen to Charlie’s message and put it into action, every day.


Price : US$325.00






Housekeeping may seem like a way to build pride in the workplace, or make your surroundings a little more pleasant, but it’s also an essential safety procedure.If your workers are hesitant to clean up, put away tools, remove trip or slip hazards or keep evacuation routes clear, they need to hear Charlie’s resounding message. This program shows not only how good housekeeping is performed, but why it is essential.Take it from Charlie: housekeeping is not a task best left to a clean-up crew; it is an essential component of every job, and part of making safety your top priority.


Price : US$325.00






Why wait for an accident to occur before thinking about how to keep your people safe?Job Safety Analysis is a systematic way to plan for safety by breaking down a job into steps, identifying the hazards of each step, and planning procedures to eliminate or reduce these hazards.This program guides workers through this three-step process while giving them new ways to think about each step.Charlie explains why you need to work as a team to identify hazards and plan for the safety of everyone on the job.Remember, when it comes to safety, we are all in it together.


Price : US$325.00






You’ve powered down the machine. Now you're ready to service it. Or are you?What happens if someone else powers it up when you’ve got an arm inside or head inside, or while you are in contact with electrical wires?In this program, Charlie shows your crew how to prevent accidents through Lockout/Tagout procedures.The video focuses on the basics of LO/TO, as well as on some of the complications workers are likely to encounter, such as when and how to use multiple locks, why and how to use tags without locks in certain cases, and how to maintain LO/TO during a shift change.


Price : US$325.00






Charlie Morecraft knows firsthand the importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).On the night of his accident, he was saved from being burned to death because he happened to be wearing a flame retardant shirt, even if he had cut the sleeves off. If he’d worn all the required PPE, he may not have been burned at all!This program provides awareness-level training on all types of PPE including specialized equipment, such as respiratory protection, personal flotation devices, and protective equipment for hot work and welding.From hardhats, to safety boots, to work gloves and hearing protection, let Charlie show your workers the importance of PPE and how to use it correctly!


Price : US$325.00







Price : US$325.00






"Owww, my aching back!” If that’s a line you’ve heard at work, it's time to build awareness of back safety and ergonomics.This program will show your crew the techniques Charlie uses to save wear and tear on his back, while helping them to understand why these methods will work for them as well.This training describes how the back functions and why it is important to avoid bad postures, using faulty methods when lifting, or even being hunched over the computer for long periods of time.This video also demonstrates “back friendly” methods for lifting, bending, or reaching for an item on an elevated shelf.Once workers know more about the back, they will be ready to take care of it through means such as exercise, stretching and working in “neutral postures.”Let Charlie remind workers that safe lifting, pushing and pulling is their responsibility.


Price : US$325.00






When you enter a confined space, you may die before you realize anything is wrong.That’s why proper precautions must be taken every time.This program alerts workers to the hazards that may be waiting within a confined space, then demonstrates safety procedures including confined space permitting and use of monitors or “sniffers” for reading oxygen levels or detecting toxic gases.As Charlie knows, protecting yourself from the hazards of a confined space means working as a team (never alone), using protective equipment such as respirators, and following procedures without cutting corners.Train your crew with this program before anyone goes into a confined space!


Price : US$325.00






Powered industrial trucks such as forklifts make many jobs easier, and workplaces around the world depend on them. However, they are also a common source of accidents and injuries.This program explains how to operate forklifts safely, and what all personnel can do to keep themselves safe when a forklift is in use.From the physics of forklift operations, to procedures for inspecting equipment, squaring up, loading, transporting and unloading this video covers it all.Leave it to Charlie to help train your operators and give all personnel an understanding of how forklifts can be used safely.


Price : US$325.00






The hands are often essential to a worker’s livelihood: they have to be protected!When you work with your hands, potential hazards are all around: pinch points, absorption of harmful chemicals, burns, fractures, even amputation.This program shows workers how to prevent hand injuries and protect themselves through safe procedures for machine operations, using the eyes to recognize potential hazards before the hands are put at risk, and selecting the right work gloves for the job.Let Charlie give you “a hand” in developing a culture of safety with this program designed for all workers.


Price : US$325.00







Price : US$325.00






Slips, trips and falls are the most common cause of workplace injury - and among the most preventable.Let Charlie show your crew how to prevent injuries: by removing trip and slip hazards, keeping walking surfaces in top condition, wearing the proper footwear, walking using the right technique, and never rushing.With a few extra precautions and some good advice from Charlie, the injuries at your workplace will “fall” to a new low!So, make slip, trip, and fall prevention part of your safety program, the Morecraft way.


Price : US$325.00



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