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Charlie's journey from death's door following a refinery explosion, to his position as the world's leading presenter on why we all should follow safety procedures precisely.




Charlie’s journey from death’s door following a refinery explosion, to his position as the world’s leading presenter on why we all should follow safety procedures precisely.Charlie’s story has become a phenomenon in the OHS world. It tells of Charlie’s journey from death’s door following a refinery explosion, to his position as the world’s leading presenter on why we all should follow safety procedures precisely.

The shortcut he took from standard procedures resulted in Charlie being burned over 50% of his body, five years in hospital, the loss of his family, the loss of everything he treasured.Not just a title but a call to action, Remember Charlie captures the audience with a common language (“Accidents don’t happen to me. Accidents happen to someone else.”) With the audience on the edge of their seats, Charlie drives home the importance of following safety procedures.

Everyone wakes-up to the high cost of an accident not only to themselves but to their family. Seldom are people confronted by real consequences of an abuse in safety practices. If you and your employees “Remember Charlie”, you’ll remember to follow safety procedures.

Charlie is a dynamic speaker who touches an audience through his autobiographical story, emphasizes taking responsibility for one’s actions and one’s safety. Standard training meetings, videos and seminars demonstrate how to follow safety procedures. Charlie Morecraft tells you why you should.PS.: All “Remember Charlie” languages that are spoken are available with English Subtitles Upon Request.

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4 reviews for REMEMBER CHARLIE (56 MIN.)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Roland Simons, CSP

    Charlie: I have been a Safety Manager for more years than I care to count. In this capacity, I couldn’t tell you how many safety videos I have presented to various groups. But, I have never had a video touch people that way your story does. It is a very powerful message delivered with bulls-eye accuracy. I am the safety manager for a glass manufacturing facility with seasoned United Steel Workers. They are usually a rowdy bunch to reach via any medium. I was surprised at what an impression you had on them. Several “hard core” types come up to me after the meeting and told me how they saw themselves in you. Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Wade B. LyondellBasell

    Charlie’s story is simply amazing. I had the pleasure of watching it today in a safety class and it has changed my outlook on safety forever. To any employer looking to buy this video, do it. If it change’s one employee’s mindset as it did with me, its more than paid for itself. Keep up the work Charlie!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cindy Sicher – Palram Americas

    Our entire company is required to watch this video. After watching this video I think we all understand the importance of safety not only at the work place but in everyday life. Charlie is truly inspirational. This is a video that I feel has not only changed my life but many others. Fantastic job and I truly thank you for sharing!!!!!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Terry K. Saint Gobain

    We actually showed the video in an all hands safety meeting last week . There were a lot of positive comments, and one person said we shouldn’t show the video without first handing out Kleenex

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