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An ordinary guy... An extraordinary story!

In 1980, Charles T. Morecraft was an employee of Exxon Corporation. He was a good employee ­ both in the eyes of his union and in the eyes of his management, but otherwise he was unremarkable. He was just like hundreds of thousands of other blue-collar workers. He never considered himself exceptional. He was "just one of the boys".



Nothing Could Go Wrong

Except this one time...

Charlie had more than 15 years experience on the job, and he knew it well. He knew all the rules. He knew all the safety regulations and he knew all the shortcuts around them too. Charlie was certain that nothing could go wrong. And he was right except for this one time...

In 1980, shortcuts nearly cost him his life when a routine job turned tragic. Burned over 50% of his body, Charlie spent five years in the hospital. His family fell apart. He lost everything. "All for what?" is the question he continues to ask himself, and you, today. Charlie, a dynamic speaker who touches an audience through his autobiographical story, emphasizes taking responsibility for one's actions and one's safety. Standard training meetings, videos and seminars demonstrate how to follow safety procedures. Charlie Morecraft tells you why you should.

Today Charlie Helps thousands of people all over the world through Live Motivational Safety Presentations, Videos and safety products, bringing them to a new level of safety awareness see details >>

The Best of Charlie(10 MIN.)
Price: US$395.00
Remember Charlie (56 MIN.)
Price: US$665.00
Safety, Everyone's Responsibility(48 MIN.)
Price: US$665.00
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