Charlie Morecraft

World’s Renowned Motivational Safety Speaker
Our primary speaker is Charlie Morecraft, the world’s most renowned Motivational Safety Speaker. Charlie’s calendar doesn’t allow him to accept every request to speak. Given that, and our commitment to provide our message, we have assembled a Team of extraordinary speakers with a similar message to Charlie’s and with real, hands-on, personal experience in the field.

When Charlie tells his story the audience sits in rapt attention as they are moved to new levels of awareness. Charlie has that rare and unique ability to speak with ordinary words and conjure extraordinary images.



Speakers Team

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Michael has been ENERGIZING the safety programs of the nation’s largest companies for more than 25 years.

He recognizes that organizations are comprised of people and when people are ENERGIZED about safety their behaviors become safer and injury rates go down.

Michael’s high energy customized programs offer managers, supervisors, leaders, and team members simple, practical and time tested strategies guaranteed to ENERGIZE their safety efforts. We are proud to welcome Michael to our family of outstanding safety speakers.


Kevin has an important safety message and delivers it in a powerful and easy to relate to manner. Kevin was in an accident in 1986, costing him his right leg. The accident could have been avoided.

Primarily Kevin acknowledges that his complacency and inattention were at the source of this horrible accident. His message is a wake-up call and is done in an easy to relate to manner.