Live Webinar with Charlie Morecraft – “Remember Charlie”


In this 1-hour LIVE webinar entitled “Remember Charlie”, keynote safety speaker Charlie Morecraft tells his journey from death’s door following a refinery explosion and why we all should follow safety procedures precisely. His message is clear “Safety is about family, it’s about your family”. Charlie delivers a powerful, profound, and impactful safety message that will alter people’s attitudes towards safety forever! GUARANTEED! Includes live Q&A session with audience participation.

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Remember Charlie Webinar

The audience will be at the edge of their seats!

  • Guarantee Reduction in Accident Rate
  • An extraordinary story that will change people’s attitude towards safety forever!

Not just a title but a call to action, Remember Charlie captures the audience with a common language (“Accidents don’t happen to me. Accidents happen to someone else”). A motivating storyteller, Charlie Morecraft recreates his near-fatal accident in engaging detail. With the audience on the edge of their seats, Charlie drives home the importance of following safety procedures. Everyone wakes up to the high cost of an accident, not only to themselves but to their families. Seldom are people confronted by the real consequences of abuse in safety practices. If you and your employees “Remember Charlie”, you will remember to follow safety procedures.

Webinar Details

Having been critically injured in an explosion that burned over 50% of his body, Charlie Morecraft conveys, in the most penetrating way, the lesson he so painfully learned. Seldom, are people confronted by the real consequences of an abuse in safety practices. Anyone who hears Charlie’s story will be deeply moved and motivated to never again take safety for granted. Charlie’s emphasis is on the significance of attitude and personal responsibility.

Some of the learning objectives are:
  • To facilitate insight into everyone’s own safety practices and attitudes.
  • To be a “wake-up call” that shakes people out of complacency and taking responsibilities for granted.
  • To make people become more responsible for their own safety on the job, at home, at play, at travel, everywhere. This continues to result in people handling all aspects of their lives with a greater awareness and appreciation of safety. Some examples are wearing prescribed safety equipment on the job, following safety procedures at work and at home, wearing seat belts in moving vehicles, etc.

Charlie’s message alters people’s attitudes toward safety. Their actions and behavior go from being thoughtless, lackadaisical, and routine to “safety first & always”. Their consciousness is raised to a new level. Charlie Morecraft is a powerful and dynamic public speaker. His audiences get a highly personal, private look at what happened to one man – and how it could happen to any one of us.
As Charlie always says, “I’m just an ordinary guy…with an extraordinary story to tell”. Award-winning 1-Hour live webinars with proven accident reduction ratio of 65%!

Webinar delivered via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Webex. If you use any other platform, let us know and we will work with you.

Customer Reviews

“Absolutely the best safety speaker I’ve ever heard! He has really driven the importance of everyday safety practices and the effects of making the wrong safety choices… My Sailors will never forget the day they heard Charlie speak.”
Manny P. – United States Navy

“Remember Charlie was by far the most moving and engaging motivational speech I have ever heard. As Charlie tells his story it brings your level of awareness to new heights. In the climax of
his presentation in a room filled with hundreds of people you could hear a pin drop. Thanks, Charlie, for taking the time to educate us about the importance of SAFETY.”
Robert P. – Home Builders Institute”

“One fellow stood up from the audience and said, “Charlie, I saw you 15 years ago, and you have been keeping me safe ever since….”
Tennessee Valley Authority – TVA

“Charlie’s presentation was the single most important thing we have done for safety.”
Lawrence M. Executive – St. Laurent Paperboard

“We had a 67% drop in our accident rate over last year …”
Gene B. – Safety Coordinator – Mobil Oil, Beaumont TX

“Charlie Morecraft’s message is powerful! His greatest gift is that he can reach employees and get them to see the importance of accepting responsibility for their own safety.”
John A. G., Health and Safety – Take & Lyle

“Charlie’s story is simply amazing. I had the pleasure of watching it today in a safety class and it has changed my outlook on safety forever. To any employer looking to buy this video, do it. If it
change’s one employee’s mindset as it did with me, it’s more than paid for itself.”
Wade B. – LyondellBasell

* Up to 150 participants included. Additional copyright recording (required for compliance/copyright) applies. Promo may be ended at any time at company’s own discretion and are subject to speaker’s availability. Price is for a single webinar. Tier-500 participants add-on can be purchase at $500.00 each in additional to price.

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