Reduce employee on the injuries and accidents

Reduce employee on the injuries and accident’s help maintain OSHA compliance through employee safety training

Safety in the workplace is an important issue for all businesses, regardless of it’s size. No matter what industry you are in, workers have the potential of being injured. By following set protocols and identifying potential risks, you can reduce the number of accidents and make the workplace safer. Needless to say, with the rising cost of workers’ compensation insurance and the need to keep employees happy and healthy, taking precautions to reduce workplace accidents is a vital part of running a small business.

We offer professional safety motivational and training videos, safety DVD’s, custom safety programs, safety webinars and orientation programs to help employers reduce their on the job accidents and injuries. Our main  keynote safety speakers have produced OSHA compliant videos suitable for all types of industries. We have a safety training video that will meet your needs, educate your employees, keep them safe at work and return safe home. We ship our videos fast and conveniently, as well as an online digital platform accessible 24/7 for all your videos in one place.

Training, OSHA compliance, and accident prevention … our products are suitable for all your needs.

Our Best Seller Combo! “Remember Charlie” and “Safety, Everyone’s Responsibility” are amongst the most acclaimed safety motivational videos in the world. A MUST for any company looking to drop accident rates! Use these videos to help creating a POSITIVE SAFETY CULTURE AT WORK and change people’s attitudes towards safety once for all. Ideal for safety meetings, employee orientation, corporate events, on-going safety training, and Safety Stand-Downs.


Remember Charlie - 56 minutes - Original Video
Remember Charlie – 56 minutes – Original Video – Charlie’s story has become a phenomenon in the OHS world. AVAILABLE IN 50+ LANGUAGES!