Endorsement from American Airlines – Miami International Airport

Charlie Morecraft,

The thought that comes to mind is: “life-changing.” Yes, that is how many of us felt after your visit, for it was not only a life-altering experience that has brought this heartbreaking episode in your life to such a fruitful mission of accomplishments.  It has also made my life, and the life of many others who had the opportunity to listen to your experience, focus on what is truly important where safety and our safety mission at American Airlines is concerned.

I wish to thank you and your hard-working staff wholeheartedly for honoring us with your presence and talking to our Miami Hub employees about the episode that changed your life, and in so doing, has moved you to become a beacon, a guide with a life mission to teach and reinforce the need for safety.  Seldom if ever are we offered this unique experience to learn so vividly from the terrible, devastating pain of another who unselfishly dedicates his life to promote awareness before it is too late.  After your visit, the wave of comments and feedback from those present, over a true commitment towards safety, and the reinforcement to continue to seek effective alternatives in changing attitudes towards safety, left those who were unable to attend due to operational demands feeling frustrated and hoping for a future opportunity to share your presence and wealth of experiences, once again.  I truly believe when everyone interacts as a team in performing safety functions and sharing a profound sense of responsibility towards one another, we are one-step closer to achieving an injury free work place.  This objective communicates to every employee that safety is a never-ending commitment, which American Airlines takes very seriously and is the core principle that guides us.

Charlie, it is truly encouraging to know that you are willing to pay us another visit to be with our employees.

Thank you once again, and I will see you soon.

Rudy G. Albert
American Airlines – Miami International Airport