To Those That Have Been Given Much, Much Is Expected!

This is the philosophy of Charlie and Janet Morecraft and their company, Phoenix Safety Management. “We lead very blessed lives and have been given much. We are committed to using our resources to making a difference in the quality of life for other human beings.”

In the spirit of that sentiment.

Charlie Morecraft’s Office has set up a half million dollar charitable remainder trust to benefit the following:

Children of the World

A network of people dedicated to all children experiencing the magic of life; a world in which every child is loved, honored protected and nurtured; where children express themselves fully and take pride in their lives. One example of their work is Casa Speranta – House of Hope in Constanta, Romania. Romania has the largest population of pediatric AIDS in Europe – 1600 children with AIDS live in Romania. Casa Speranta cares for approximately twenty-five abandoned HIV-infected children who range in age from infancy to nine years old. There is a Romanian “mother” for every five children. These children are loved, nurtured, fed, schooled and given as close to a normal life as possible.


Children’s Defense Fund

The premiere children’s advocacy organization committed to ensuring that “no child is left behind.” Their work focuses on ending violence against children and health issues.


Save the Children

An amazing international organization that improves health conditions for kids in developing countries (with a specific focus on AIDS education), improves educational access to kids (last year helped close to 400,000 children and adults in 23 nations by building schools and teaching people to read and write), and supports mentoring programs for disadvantaged kids in the U.S.


Habitat for Humanity – It’s not a “Hand Out” it’s a “Hand Up!”

Charlie Morecraft has built a Habitat for Humanity House in Delray Beach, Florida. The Habitat Humanity Program’s intentions are 1) to remove families from sub-standard housing 2) to improve communities by building new homes, 3) to help people become motivated, productive citizens.

Charlie Morecraft has built a school in Uganda in the village of Kimanto. The school is called the Charles and Janet Morecraft Academy. As stated by a member of the Parliament of Uganda, “Life in Kimanto will never be the same. This is the first modern primary school in the village.”

Charlie Morecraft has donated $10,000.00 to the USA fund to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees to aid in the plight of the woman and children now suffering in deplorable conditions on the borders of Afghanistan.

Charlie Morecraft’s Office is an organization of people committed to the improvement of the quality of life for people throughout the world.