Charlie Morecraft & OMI H&S

Endorsement for Charlie Morecraft & OMI H&S


I hope each of you found last week’s presentations by Charlie Morecraft a valuable “Safety Tool” to inspire your associates.

As a method to evaluate this effort, please poll your participants (staff & client) who attended to provide me with their feed-back on these events.

An e-mail of their “Comments” to relay back to not only Charlie & OMI H&S but to CH2M (for their financial sponsorship of this effort) would be greatly appreciated.

  • Was it worth the time?
  • Was the message & the messenger effective?
  • Have you heard or seen any positive effects following this event?
  • Would you recommend similar Inspirational Safety Presentations be considered?

I will be attending the annual 2007-2008 H&S planning summit in San Antonio, TX next week & make sure all your voices are heard.

William Greenhalgh, CHCM

Attendees Comments – 

Yes it was worth the time spent.  It seems that the guys got the message.  I think it is too early to see results. Yes I would recommend more sections like this one.”

“The presentation was not only worth the time and money – it truly is one of those “life changing” types of events that will be remembered. If the possibility arises for Charlie to address our folks, I say do it! Even though he is paid for his time (this is his new found career), Charlie should be commended for his efforts – sharing the difficulties experienced by one to help another avoid the same horrible fate is something to be admired. I have found it to be very easy to get on the “Safety Express” thinking about some of the bone chilling descriptions of his accident and the aftermath.  This is a message that I am forwarding to my crews with EMPHASIS! I think the part of his presentation that really got to me was his account of the effects on his family from the accident.  This is a subject that most people don’t consider right away when thinking about an accident and the associated recovery (at least I didn’t). Thanks for the opportunity to experience this. I assure you it was NOT a waste of time!!!”

The presentation we went to last week was definitely worth the time. I found it to be very interesting and a little scary. You really do think that accidents will never happen to you but you never know. I personally think this event should have been mandatory for some individuals who have had some safety reminders in the past. He really makes you think about wearing your safety gear. His statement, “if you think wearing safety equipment for a couple of hours is uncomfortable try using a cane to walk or wearing a burn mask for 1 year” really stuck with me and I have been letting my department know that statement. I know that Charlie’s presentation is very expensive but if we were to have him come down here to talk to the guys I think it would be well worth the investment. I know he got through to me and I am sure he would get through to the rest of the staff.”

The presentation was very effective and powerful to say the least. Charlie sent a clear message about safety and how it is an essential aspect of not only our professional lives but of our personal lives too. I would recommend this presentation and others like it to anyone. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. I am looking forward to more presentations like this.”

Thanks for arranging for Charlie to come to CT. All the Associates here in New Haven have seen his video but I think by seeing him in person and being able to ask him questions about his experience that it helped make it more real. I over heard some of my guys talking about the presentation this morning over coffee and just maybe something sank in.”

Let me start with it was absolutely worth the time and the message was quite effective. One of our associates from the GNHWPCA directed by OMI told his family when he got home and his wife started crying. She felt really bad for Charlie but the message got through to her by her husband. The guys, a couple of weeks later, are still talking about it.”

As far as positive effects, the guys seem to realize that just simple routine things done on a day to day basis can impact the rest of their lives. Working in the street, over open holes, working on the combination truck here, etc. We’ve had discussions about hardhats. One thing I’ve explained about hardhats is nobody dislikes wearing them more than I do but to think when they don their hardhat, it’s like plugging in their safety brain. It’s corny but somewhat effective.”

Some of the men are wondering if another inspirational safety speaker will be able to top the message of Charlie. They are looking forward to the next speaker. Job well done.”